Getting Started

Event management is all done in your Google Calendar. Add the events you would like to list on your website to a single calendar in your Google account. eventcal handles the rest.

  1. Visit your eventcal settings page.
  2. Select the Google Calendar containing your events.
  3. provide your website's domain name.

Once complete, you will be provided with your custom embed code and be able to see a preview on your settings page.

eventcal will display all events for the present day and a full year forward for the selected calendar. Do not enter private events that you do not want visible into your selected calendar.

How to Add eventcal to Your Website.

Adding the event calendar to your website is simple. Visit your settings page and copy the listed embed code.

Paste this code into your site's HTML anywhere you want it to appear (only once per page on your site).

The method to add this code to your website will differ, depending on the platform. Most offer a way to add or modify your site's HTML code. Contact your site's platform provider or send us a request for specific help.

Any changes made to your selected Google Calendar will be reflected in your website's event calendar.

Basic Event Creation

Create a new event in Google Calendar and assign the event to the calendar set up in eventcal.

The basic elements to include are a title and date/time details.

You may also include a location and an event description. To apply additional formating and options described below, select "More options" when creating a new, unsaved event or "Edit event" for an existing event.

Event Options and Customization

Any formating applied to your event description in Google Calendar will also be applied in eventcal, including spaces, new lines and text changes, such as bold or italic formatting. Be sure to preview new events to ensure they appear as desired. Return to Google Calendar to make any necessary changes, which will automatically appear in eventcal.

Button Links

Add a button to link to another page with the "Insert link" function when adding or editing an event in Google Calendar. You may want to link to a page with more information or a registration form for your event. One link is allowed in Google Calendar. This looks best added at the end of the description with a space between the last line.

To add a link that will display as a button in eventcal, first place your cursor on a new line at the end of your description. Click the "Insert link" icon in the advanced event editing window in Google Calendar.

In the "Edit link" window that appears, type text to display in the eventcal button and the full website address for the link.

When done, you wil see the link appear in Google Calendar as blue, underlined text.

eventcal will use this to create the button wherever it appears in your description. Preview your results in eventcal after saving the event changes.


Eventcal can display images to some or all events if added as an attachment in Google Calendar. We find it is best to include images in all events or not at all for the best appearance. Preferable image sizes are at least 300px wide. Limiting images to no more than 400px x 400px will result in the best performance.

To add an image to an event, click the "Add attachement" icon in the advanced event editing window in Google Calendar.

You will be given the option to select from your saved Google Drive images or upload a new one. After selecting the image, it will be listed at the top of your description. Do not add any line spaces between the listed link and any included description.

IMPORTANT! Images added to events must be shared to appear in eventcal. To share, click on the image link in the Google Calendar description. You should see your image in the window that appears. Click "Share" in the "More actions" menu.

In the "Get link" section click "Change to anyone with the link" option, unless already enabled. Click Done.

Preview your event in eventcal to ensure it appears as desired.